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Educator & Speaker

Dr. Hayes designs and teaches classes in psychology, forensic psychology, communications, English, and creative writing at colleges and universities servicing forensic and non-forensic populations. He is also available for speaking engagements on criminal and corrections topics.

Collaboratory for Justice Education

Through the Justice Education Collaboratory, members contribute to creating impactful tools tailored for educators and students nationwide. These tools serve as instruments of change within classrooms, striving to influence our nation's understanding of justice and the construction of an equitable justice system. Our mission also extends beyond the traditional education realm, reaching into the corridors of the justice system and resonating within the hearts of our communities.

Michigan Department of Corrections & Jackson College

Through Jackson College, Dr. Hayes teaches within the Michigan Department of Corrections at facilities across the state. He has a current LEIN and teaches English and psychology courses in Jackson's associate of arts and associate of science programs.


Detroit Police Department & Cleary University

As the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Hayes and his team designed the degree completion program for the Detroit Police Department (and other agencies) through Cleary University. David continues to teach psychology and communications to public safety professionals through the university's program.


Madonna University, Purdue University, & More

Dr. Hayes also teaches and tutors with various other universities, colleges, and organizations including:

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