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Get Out! Examining the Extended Amityville Cinematic Universe

Includes David's article, "DeFeo on Film," exploring the cinematic representation of the DeFeo Murders as a component of the Amityville myth.

Get Out Cover.jpg

Things Aren't Right: The Disappearance of the Yuba County Five

Once described as “bizarre as hell,” the case of the Yuba County Five has baffled law enforcement and the families of the missing men for over 45 years. Features a case analysis by David Hayes.

The Big Book of Dahmer

In this new printing of the 1990s true crime trendsetter, David's article "A Murder Most Foul" looks at not only the Dahmer crimes, but also the murder and mayhem affecting creator Hart Fisher at the time of publication.



Features David's profile of the likely perpetrator of the unsolved "Cleveland Torso Murders" of the 1930s... the crimes that drove Elliot Ness out of law enforcement. Profiles on Albert Fish, Angel Resendez, and more are included.



Criminal Justice Corner - April 2024

Join Dr. Hayes and Dr. Matthews as they explore the filicide case of Mariah Thomas.

The EDUp Experience Podcast - May 2024

Dr. Hayes and Arti Finn of Orijin discuss the barriers and benefits of prison education.


DNA identifies suspected killer in 40-year-old cold case murder of Christina Castiglione

Mike & Jon Podcast - February 22, 2023

Kimberly Louiselle’s sister says 1982 murder has been solved with “100% positivity”

Mike & Jon Podcast - September 9, 2023

Expressive Writing, Self-Esteem, & Recidivism: A Panel Discussion

Screenshot 2023-10-06 174110.png

National Conference on Higher Education in Prison - October 12, 2022

A Tale of Two LGBTQ+ Murders in Michigan: Who Killed Dr. Devon Hoover and Ashia Davis?


Pride Source - November 29, 2023

Cold Cases with Cassy - November 2023

Delving into the mind of multiple murderer Charles David Shaw.

Cold Cases with Cassy.jpg

Your Lot & Parcel - December 2023

Looking at predictive criminal behavior - is it even possible?

Student Behavior and Voting - FOX 2 News, October 2020

Student behavior and voting patterns as Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Cleary University.

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