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Jury Consultation

The primary purpose of hiring a jury consultant is to help uncover hidden biases of potential jurors. Because preemptory challenges are limited, lawyers may be unsure about some of those questioned. Dr. Hayes can give attorneys the criteria necessary for the ideal jury for their clients and to assist in determining what biases do not fit that criteria.

Jury Voire Dire

Dr. Hayes provides assistance with and suggestions for jury voir dire, with the primary focus being jury “de-selection”. Significant effort is made to avoid exposing favorable jurors. This is all done through effective voir dire strategy and questioning. If those efforts fail, peremptory challenges must be made. In the case where multiple "unfavorable" jurors are identified, they are prioritized into bad - worst categories.


Assist & Attend Jury Selection

Dr. Hayes will assist with the jury selection process by observing and notating juror responses. Original evaluations or ratings of the jurors are modified based on their responses to questions, body language, and their ability or inability to communicate comfortably with parties. 


Mock Trials

A mock trial is designed to mirror an actual jury trial to allow testing of trial evidence and arguments for both sides. Individual or multiple panels of 6-12 jurors may be used; multiple panels allow more extensive feedback. Depending on case complexity, mock trials can be presented in 1 day or multiple days.

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